Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The mines of Spiennes, a smackdown worthy of RAW and the added bonus of Ben Stiller.

The black lung is an excruciating disease that kills those who suffer from it a slow and painful death after years of backbreaking work in a dark, depressing mine. Luckily, those that mined Spiennes presumably died of old age long before Ben Stiller uttered his famous Zoolander line. Unless there is some Belgian man out there who happens to be 6,312 years old, give or take ten years.                                                                                                                        

Sigar is the one in the red at the
top right. Aquinas isn't pictured
because he is preparing a 2x4, to
knock Sigar the F#$K out.
The mines are some of the oldest in Europe dating back to around 4300 BC. Neolithic Belgians apparently used the flint mines to create axes. Those axes were then used to undertake a massive deforestation process in Europe so that the new way of living could be done, farming. The mines stretch over a range of 100 hectares and show man’s technological transition from open mining to full blown underground mining. Though there is scant evidence to deny the claim, I highly doubt that the mines ever saw a merman tell his fellow miners that, “water is the essence of wetness”. Such poetic philosophy would not be seen in Belgium until Sigar of Brobant talked some nonsense about what is true in philosophy may be false in religion and what is true in religion may be false in philosophy. If Jon Voight had been there he would have chided Sigar with some cutting remark about thanking God that Sigar's mother dying before she realized what a nitwit he had become. But, he wasn’t. So St. Thomas Aquinas stepped up to begin bashing Sigar’s flip-flop politics and philosophical quipping.  Smack down from the gordo with a lazy eye. Je ne veux pas te faire de peine Sigar. Mais d’un autre coté… raccrocher brutalement!

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