Friday, May 11, 2012

Dimitar's Prehistoric Bulgaria

Prehistoric Bulgaria was a fascinating place. Long before the most sensual man alive according to himself via a the dirty tackle, Dimitar Berbatov was born there was the Bacho Kiro Cave, Stara Zagora and the Varna Culture. Dimitar however is pointing us in the right direction.

The Bacho Kiro Cave is an ancient cave formed by the Andaka and Dryanovska Rivers. The cave became inhabited by the prehistoric peoples of Bulgaria in the Paleolithic period. Well, that might actually be a misnomer. The cave was actually the habitat of the Cave Bears that roamed the earth during the late Paleolithic. Had Dimitar Berbatov, the scorer of erotic goals been born 30,000 years ago he could've very well ended up as a snack for this Prehistoric Bulgarian Bear. The vast majority of the early remains in Bulgaria, aren't constructions by early modern humans known as Cro-Magnon man, rather their gnawed on skeletal remains. It's rather grizzly stuff... ah ha, that was a terrible pun!

As man became more dominant on the Eurasian land mass and the cave bears died out, prehistoric Bulgaria began to flourish. Stara Zagora, Bulgaria's 6th largest city grew into a prehistoric hotbed of early human burial grounds. The city of Stara Zagora is actually one of Europe's oldest, having been populated for the last 8000 years continuously. The earliest copper mines in all of Europe date to Star Zagora in the 5th millennium BC. It is my belief that Dimitar is pointing back all those many millennia in this picture. That's why his eyes are so rapturing. They are truly breathtaking in this picture... I suddenly have an inexplicable urge for mayonnaise!

Bulgaria would eventually become over run by the Vinča Culture in the Neolithic era. The Vinča Culture would span 5500 BC - 4500 BC and revolutionize the area and drag it into the pottery making farming industry that would, through various evolutions become today's Bulgaria. The Vinča Culture, at its height would cover regions of modern day Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania and Greece. The Vinča Culture arose is Serbia, but it played out in Bulgaria. The early Bulgarians were split between history and progress. Some liked to live in newish devices like houses, either built of wood and earth (See Wattle-and-Daub) or dug into the ground like hobbit holes. Others preferred to stay in the caves of their ancestors. These latter types of folks dedicated their spare time to painting their home caves, such as the Magura Cave, nearby present day Rabisha. Both the house dwelling and cave folk would coallece to form the Vinča, who in turn would provide the world with pure sensuality, in Dimitar. Man I love his widow's peak! It almost makes me pine for dignity in old age....

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