Saturday, August 4, 2012

And we're back!

Hello and good August to ya. It has been too long, but we're finally geared up again and ready to go. The script for the next Podcast is written and hopefully tomorrow I'll have it posted and up on iTunes for you all. We'll be picking up where we left off and leaving the Stone Age behind and moving into the transitionary period of the Chalcolithic. From there we should have a straight shot into Bronze Age Europe.

From now on, I'll be trying to post new Episodes on Sundays. Tell your friends! Click over here to Facebook to like the blog and/or the podcast. As things are starting to settle for me the next few weeks should see new podcasts every week so you won't be forced to wait for two months for a new cast. That's just poor performance on my part. Sorry about that folks. But, I look forward to hearing from you or at least pretending that you are listening. Thanks again and I'll see you tomorrow.

p.s. In anticipation for the Chalcolithic podcast here are three posts on some of the copper mining that defines the Chalcolithic or as it is more commonly referred to, Copper Age Europe.

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