Monday, August 13, 2012

Sardinian Step Pyramids

The Pyramid of Sardinia

Who doesn't love a pyramid? Seriously, pyramids have been built all over the world. This architectural design is so common amongst ancient civilizations that it's led to crazy theories that aliens built all of them, or at least had their hand in the civilizations that constructed them. But, then again it's just a special triangle. It's a pretty simple shape. But it's beautiful.

On the island of Sardinia, near the town of Porto Torres there is a step pyramid. Porto Torres was built on a Turris Libyssonis, a Roman city of some stature founded during Julius Caesar's reign. But, the region had much older inhabitants, the guys who built the step pyramid at Monte d'Accoddi. The step pyramid dates to around 2700 - 2000 BC and bears a particular similarity to the constructions at Los Millares. The step pyramid was probably some temple at some point. It's base is about 88 foot by 88 foot and stood over 18 foot tall.

The megalithic structure was discovered in 1954 and has been a curious site ever since. In the 1980's a restoration of the structure took place. In this artistic rendition to the right of what the step pyramid probably looked like in its heyday you can see a number of familiar megalithic features. First, it's a giant work of stone. Second, to the left side of the ramp you can see a menhir, a large, upright standing stone. The current photographs show that there is currently nothing located on top of the platform, so the house type thing in the drawing is conjectural. But, since most think that the megalithic structures served some religious function the drawing at least captures that spirit. However, it was open like that it could have been a landing pad for the extraterrestrial architects that HAD to have been behind the familiar structure of the pyramid, because triangular shapes don't appear in nature too often.

p.s. I wrote this post a bit earlier but was unable to initially upload it. I think that strange triangular rock formation we call a mountain was blocking my signal.


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