Thursday, April 26, 2012


Hello, my name is Christopher Linehan and this is the The History of Europe Podcast Blog. What we'll be doing here is posting about the Podcast and putting on some supplemental materials for you to look with. You can currently find the podcast here to listen to where I'll continue to post the podcasts. We'll also hopefully be on iTunes soon and we'll let you know when that happens! Thanks and keep checking back for more updates!


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  2. You've mentioned Homo Heidelbergensis a couple of times in the early episodes and each time you do, you say "Heidelberg-GenEsis" rather than "Heidelberg-ensis". Just sayin'.

    On the other hand, it's always good to hear someone pronounce kilometre (rhymes with pillow-feeter) and semi (sem-ee not sem-eye) properly.

    1. I've had to read your post a couple of times, even still I keep saying HeidelbergenEsis. It's a hard one for me. Keep listening to the podcasts, I'm sure you'll hear a whole host of mispronounced history! Thanks for the comment and the patronage.